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Adblock Plus
Creating, reviewing and optimizing Adblock Plus’s filters for Korean sites to support the local community. Writing Python/C# codes to automate the [...]
Merged ATM transactions between HANA bank and KEB bank.
Merged ATM transactions between HANA bank and KEB bank.
Indonesia video-ATM BCA bank
Developed new features for video-banking-ATMs in BCA bank.
Uiwang railroad museum
-An exhibition program to show what local eateries, attractions, and areas of interest in nearby Uiwang city via a large interactive screen map. -It is [...]
Songpa Information Center
-An exhibition program which introduces South Korea’s cultural assets, historical sites, and museums via a touchscreen kiosk. -It is currently still [...]
Appeared on a Korean TV show: -Mobile application for match making between teenagers and university students [...]
Warrock(3D FPS Game) – Development of content such as new game weapons, equipment, and promotional events. – Managed game patch processes (when [...]
ExpertLCD : Optical simulation tool
Physical simulation tools which can estimate and analyze LCD panels such as TN, IPS, VA. – Coded tools in VC++ with OpenGL, MFC and Qt4.x(For [...]
Bible Quest
-This application has a completely different concept than other Biblical applications that have launched in the application market, because the quizzes are [...]
LG green energy show
The user can interact with a 55inch screen below then the upper 84inch screen shows the images or video as a result. Platform: PC Language: C# .net 4.0 [...]